One year later…

As the S&P is up nearly 30% this last year since Facebook’s IPO, Facebook’s stock is down 30%…

With 1.1 billion users and almost 700 million daily users, Facebook will have to continue showing growth.

Mobile is definitely the right direction, but growing mobile ad revenue to 30% of total ad revenue in just the last year is probably not enough. We’ll continue watching it closely…


Just one of the (crazy) stories you can find on Numbeez…

To start following David and his lack of air: http://api.numbeez.com:8383/do/a:d8408814-3389-4656-89b2-3e778bd34162


That’s what Numbeez is all about!


We definitely need the “I don’t care” button on Facebook… or just try Numbeez!

In his last post, Jeff Bullas just read our mind…(http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/03/20/9-reasons-why-facebook-needs-the-i-dont-care-button-infographic/)

There are many reasons why we came up with the concept behind Numbeez, and being able to pick your own social feed is definitely at the top of the list. 

The main issue with social networks today is that they don’t really tell stories. Posts are random and lack context, which means that many times we are just NOT interested (or don’t care…).

As soon as you start telling stories, you can give your posts more meaning and depth and help your friends understand your message. And, you help your friends follow only the stories they care about so no more annoying posts.

Numbers really help us tell stories, with a simple, very short and visual language. 

So, if you want to pick your own feed, follow and create fun and exciting stories, Numbeez is just for you!

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Track It is live!!!

Finally, you can now track almost any number from almost anywhere and create fascinating stories.

It’s really easy! try out our new “Track It” feature: http://www.numbeez.com/trackit.html

And here are less than 10 tips on how to get started…

We are still in beta and would love to hear your feedback! Please email us (all comments are valuable!) at: contact@numbeez.com

Enjoy your tracking…

The Numbeez Team


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LeBron James is having arguably the best season of his career and appears headed to his fourth MVP award in five seasons.
At an age when Michael Jordan started to take his game outside, becoming a less accurate jump-shooter, LeBron has done just the opposite. James is taking his game to the basket more than ever. And the result could be another championship for the Heat.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/lebron-james-is-more-accurate-than-michael-jordan-ever-was-sports-chart-of-the-day-2013-2#ixzz2MBxyt4qV